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All My Children Grad Cameron Mathison Admits Talking About Sex With His Kids is "Tricky"

Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, All My Children) is having an important talk with his kids..the sex talk, that is. The renal cancer survivor shared his strategies for discussing "the birds and the bees" with his teenage son and daughter with Us Weekly.

He opened up:

It’s tricky. I try to always be honest. I try to give a little bit of truth. When my kids were younger, my daughter asked [and] my son didn’t. … I would include things like, ‘Babies come from the hospital.’ I keep it truthful. I just don’t give the whole truth.

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The Hallmark host admitted his kids "were interested and open to learning about it” before age 10, but he handled those conversations gingerly. Mathison joked:

We did our recon on this to make sure [we] weren’t looking at caus[ing] more therapy.