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Perkie's Observations: Dante Visits Sonny's Bedside on General Hospital

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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

This episode previously aired in 2015 . . .

It's hard to drop into episodes like this and try to figure out what's happening. I watched the episode the first time around and recapped it, but since I don't remember what I had for supper last night, I can barely remember what was in the previous episodes in order to follow along. This is my understanding, based on what I'm now seeing.

Sonny is shot (for the 446th time) when he and Carly try to get married again (for the 336th time). Everyone thinks Julian is responsible for the shooting. (Was he? I can't remember.) Hot headed idiot Morgan is determined to make Jerome pay . . . dang it.

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Michael and Carly sit vigil at the hospital, while Dante gets an update from Patrick. Carly heads to the chapel and lightning does not strike her.

Franco and Nina are together and messing with Ric's mind. (Because he worked with Madeline to mess with Nina??) They blackmail Ric into giving Nina an annulment.

Billy Miller is playing Jake Doe, though at this point, Liz believes that he's Jason. Eaten up with guilt, Liz tries to tell him.