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Perkie's Observations: Carly Puts Sonny on Blast After Morgan's Death on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

This episode aired in 2016 . . .  the day after Morgan's death . . .

Drew is still Jason. Sonny swears to him he stopped his hit on Julian. Dante updates a shocked Michael it was a botched hit on Julian. Michael is seriously pissed at Sonny (too bad he doesn't stay that way for long).

Carly wakes up, confused about what's happened. Bobbie snaps her out of it. Dante stops in to update Carly and she realizes Sonny's involvement. 

Tracy's mad at the hospital board because they want to sell the hospital. Monica offers to help Tracy confront them. Jason and Michael tell them about Morgan, and Tracy's quick to blame Sonny.

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Ava tells Kiki about Morgan's death and how he spiraled out because of Kiki's relationship with Dillon. 

Ned's worried about Dillon, but he reassures Ned he's better now that Paul is gone. Ned congratulates Dillon for being with Kiki. Kiki shows up to tell Dillon about Morgan and says they can't be together anymore. 

Lulu and Laura discuss Kevin and his possible feelings for Laura. Olivia joins Laura and tells her not to give up on Kevin. (Something about Kevin writing something about Laura in a book without her consent.)

Lulu heads to the station, where Dante's destroying the interrogation room. 

Jason tells Michael that Julian had lots of enemies and this wasn't necessarily Sonny's fault.

Carly tears a strip off of Sonny's hide (again, too bad that anger didn't last). This was one of the rare times that I loved Laura Wright. She was fantastic in this story.