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Here's the Unconventional Way One Turkish Talk Show is Reuniting Friends on Camera

In the era of COVID-19, every TV program is having to innovate when it comes to safely resuming production. One Turkish talk show is bringing in some remarkable technology to allow its host, Müge Anlı, to continue to wow fans.

Anlı hosts a popular talk show called Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert, which, according to Turkish news outlet Ahval, "features family feuds and long-lost lovers," as well as discussions about domestic violence and assault and the pursuit of justice. Upon returning to TV screens recently, Anlı wanted to find a way to allow socially-distanced family members to embrace one another on set. As a result, her crew "lowered a giant plastic sheet with cylindrical extensions onto the stage in her comeback episode."

She said:

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Let’s say we had guests who hadn’t seen each other in years - this is our solution.

Anlı brought on stage family friend Sevcan, whom she proceeded to hug through the giant sheet. She then noted that the network, ATV, is using several disposable screens to maintain safety; the audience was wearing masks and shields.