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The Bold and the Beautiful's Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton Talk "Reel" and "Real" Fatherhood

Darin Brooks, Scott Clifton

After playing on-screen brothers Wyatt and Liam Spencer for years, respectively, The Bold and the Beautiful stars Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton are both dads! They told Soap Opera Digest about managing fatherhood in lockdown (Brooks has nine-month-old daughter Everleigh, while Clifton has four-year-old son Ford) and fatherhood on B&B.

Brooks told a bittersweet story of life in quarantine. He's had to keep a distance from his own in-laws, recalling one moment with his little girl with wife Kelly Kruger:

It’s like, the first months of her life, she has been home. Kelly was here with the baby for her first couple of months [while he was going to the B&B studio], but then this thing happened, and it has been months….

One day, Kelly’s mom came over to drop some stuff off from the store and she had her mask and her gloves on because she works in a doctor’s office, and she was standing outside the door. She was staying 6 feet away, outside the house, and we opened the door so she could at least see Everleigh, and like I said, she had the gloves and the mask on, and Everleigh started crying and she turned around and grabbed onto my neck because she didn’t realize what was going on.

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Clifton became a dad in reel life before he did in reel life on B&B. In fact, it's been all babies, all the time, for Liam. He commented:

I love it. They are just so adorable. I think Ford was, like, 2, when baby Kelly was born, so it was fun to revisit that 'baby period' at work, all the cooing and making them laugh. And right after that, baby Beth came along, so it’s been lots of fun.

When asked what advice the Spencer boys should give to their little brother Will when he grows up, Clifton quipped:

Um, 'The world is populated enough; you don’t need to spread your seed'?