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The Real Co-Host Loni Love Opens Up About Being Targeted by Cops

Loni Love

On the verge of releasing her memoir, I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To, The Real co-host Loni Love is sharing some deeply personal memories. In her book, she wrote about a traumatic incident in which she and a friend were arrested for allegedly stealing soda; she discussed the incident further with People recently.

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Years ago in Texas, Love recalled, she and her friend Keisha went to a Mexican restaurant; while paying for her food, Love saw cops "yanking away" Keisha. The police accused Keisha of filling up her free water cup with soda.

In her native Detroit, Love told People, things were different:

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I never had to deal with police. Everybody just got shot, and that was it.

Love went to intervene and got arrested, too, for allegedly trespassing, before the officers used racial slurs to refer to her and Keisha. She remembered:

He put handcuffs on me. And that was my introduction to the criminal justice system.

After spending a night in jail, Love had to go through the legal system and got probation. The experience drove her to learn more about the way in which the criminal justice system is biased against Black Americans, which she also discusses on her talk show. 

Love reflected:

It took all of my savings, and it's all because of something so stupid. And you could say, well she did put soda in a water cup, but it was because we were two black girls. We know if it was two white girls, [the cop] would have said, 'Don't do that.'