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Here's How Coronation Street Is Bringing COVID-19 to Life On Screen

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As it heads back into production, UK soap Coronation Street isn't shying away from addressing coronavirus on-screen. In fact, Corrie will tackle the issue head on as soon as new episodes begin airing, according to the New York Times.

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COVID-19 will descend on the town of Weatherfield, where the soap is set, effective July 24. That's date that episodes "entirely written and designed after lockdown" will start hitting screens. Series producer Ian McLeod told the NYT that the storyline adjustment will be sudden:

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It will be a day/night thing.

Oftentimes, British soaps are more realistic than their American counterparts, including COVID-19 while remaining escapist. McLeod said that his approach won't be heavy-handed:

We want to let viewers see the world we live in,. But we have talked about the pandemic and basically nothing else for months, and I don’t think they need to see more people banging on about the pandemic.

The pandemic's effect will be largely evident on the Cobbles in unspoken ways. He added:

It will mainly be the visual element. There will be a lot of evidence of social distancing: people won’t touch, they’ll conspicuously stand apart, older relatives will be sequestered and shielding.