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Jackie Zeman Gushes About Her BFFs and General Hospital Co-Stars

Jackie Zeman

General Hospital's Jackie Zeman (Nurse Bobbie Spencer) shared her love for her longtime co-stars with Soaps In Depth recently. She cherishes her off-screen friendships, in particular, with Genie Francis (AKA Bobbie's ex-sister-in-law, Laura Webber) and Lynn Herring (Bobbie's former love rival, Lucy Coe). 

Zeman dished:

I love what Genie has done, all these years, with Laura. And I love what Lynn has done with Lucy. Their characters are completely different and always interesting. And the longevity! 

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She continued:

We’ve all been on since we were very young — and when you get to see a character and a person grow like that over the years, I find that really interesting. These two women have been able to sustain and hold the audience’s interest, age gracefully, and still look gorgeous decades later.

She also noted that her fellow stars, close friends of hers, "always deliver, never disappoint." Sounds like the chief of staff at General Hospital itself is ordering a Bobbie-Laura-Lucy scene, stat!