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Perkie's Observations: Sam Meets Her Ride or Die Guy on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

This episode aired in 2003 . . .

Oh look, Carly has a band-aid on her head. (You know, where Sonny shot her while in labor with Morgan. Good times, good times.)

Sonny's in the hospital and under arrest for the attempted murder of Lorenzo and the attempted kidnapping of Sam. Scotty's determined to make these charges stick. Carly throws her weight around in order to see Sonny. (Nothing changes in 17 years.) Sonny believes Scotty and Lorenzo are in cahoots together. 

Sam and Jason meet for the first time in the PCPD interrogation room, after both were arrested. (Really a statement about their relationship right there.) Jax, whose hair got stuck in a weed wacker, shows up to talk to Sam. He doesn't understand why Sam won't press charges against Sonny. 

Lorenzo, who should have visited Jax's weed wacker, meets with Carly instead. She tells him to back off Sonny or he will no longer be graced with her presence. (And since Carly's milkshake brings all the boys to her yard, Lorenzo agrees for the teeny, tiny morsel he'll get from her.) 

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Courtney heads to the PCPD to have Jason released, but Nicolas beat her to it. Brian (anyone remember this guy?) gets his panties in a bunch about Courtney's relationship with Jason, so she smacks him down. Later, Courtney tells Jason that their marriage is in trouble because of his job. Jason loves her oh so much, but yeah, sucks to be anyone in a relationship with that boy. 

Liz and Ric are super cute for the five minutes that they're together. Ric is called back by Scotty to deal with Sonny. Liz heads over to talk to Emily about her pregnancy, thanks to Zander. (Ahh, the beginning of Cameron!)

Faith and Zander are in cahoots about some shipment coming in to town tonight. Liz is not happy with Zander's involvement, but he reminds her they were a one night stand and to back off.

GEORGIE'S ALIVE!! . . . And hanging out with original recipe Dillon. Tracy's not happy with Dillon's choice in girlfriends. (What is up with that? Georgie was a sweetheart.) Dillon's also hanging out with Lorenzo's niece Sage. (Totally forgotten about her. When she first walked up, I thought she was a version of Brook Lynn.)

Ric puts the screws to Sonny, who admits to attempted kidnapping in order to save Sam. 

Faith's shipment gets blown up, courtesy of Jason. 

Funny line of the day: Sam to Jax, "You know what Jax, I have principles and I'm not going to lie."