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The Bold and the Beautiful Alum Rome Flynn Talks Acting with Viola Davis, Rihanna DM

Rome Flynn

Former The Bold and the Beautiful star Rome Flynn (ex-Zende) opened up about his primetime TV and music success to The Daily Mail. He recalled how working opposite masterful actress Viola Davis on How To Get Away With Murder taught him a lot about his craft.

He remembered:

 I had to be on top of my s**t with Viola. But I learnt a lot from her - from her energy.

I've been lucky to work with great actors in their field, but for her it was just different, especially doing the one-on-one scenes where my attentions on her, her's was on me.

You just feed off her and her you; it's like a dance. It's like you're learning how to dance with someone skilled at dancing, but you're trying not to step on her feet!

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Flynn is also a talented singer who has released music steadily over the last year. He shared that Rihanna herself DM-ed him on Instagram to tell him she liked his voice. Flynn noted:

I don't know if you can find anything else that can match that affirmation [from Rihanna]. It was a good sign. I had a lot going on with acting and when she reached out to me it was a sign to keep on pushing.