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WATCH: Trailer Drops for Historical Thriller "The Zoo," Executive Produced by Soap Alums

the zoo

Psychological thriller The Zoo just dropped its first trailer. Based on the real-life torture of Black men and women by Nazis during the Holocaust, the short film was executive produced by Obba Babatundé (ex-Julius, The Bold and the Beautiful), Cornelius Smith, Jr. (ex-Frankie, All My Children; ex-Marcus, Scandal), and Snowfall actress Angela Lewis.

The script was penned by Ryan Gibson and Denim Richards, who also directed the short; Jamal Mallory-McCree produced the film. 

Richards spoke to Your Money Geek about the inspiration for the film:

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As I've gotten older, I've always wanted to do that. I always knew that if I were ever blessed with the opportunity to become a storyteller myself, I would be able to find stories that were never actually told and be able to tell them. So in 2012, I was watching the movie Schindler's List, and at the end of the film, it was talking about how there's like 7 million Jews that are being killed during that time. I wondered if there were any men of color or any black men and black women that were a part of all of the atrocities that were going on during that time.

Again The Most High just dropped it into me. I was like, “Let's just go down this rabbit hole.” I started just digging and researching, and finally, after a month of researching — this was in 2012, now you could probably find it in like less than half an hour. But I finally found a book called Germany's Black Holocaust. The book showed a picture of this black man sitting on a milk carton. And there it was, I was like, well, this is it—I kind of just delved into it and wanted to create a story. And so The Zoo is a kind of an offshoot of my original film, which is The Forgotten Ones, which will come out after this film comes out. 

Watch the chilling trailer below.