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Days of Our Lives Star Lamon Archey: "We Need More Than Three" Black Actors

Lamon Archey

Days of Our Lives star Lamon Archey (Eli) shared a powerful message recently with We Are Entertainment News

When asked if DAYS will "demonstrate true diversity," Archey responded:

I don’t know. I hope so. But how many years have they not gotten a clue?

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While Archey is excited for his character's upcoming wedding to Lani (Sal Stowers), he noted the homogeneity of most daytime casts. He added:

It boils down to a lack of black stories. I hope there is change. I won’t speak for anyone else. I can only speak for myself. I have never felt on the set of Days I was treated less than anyone else because I was black. I do feel the black characters on the show should be more on the forefront and equal to some of the white counterparts. It should be equal or close to it. 

I don’t keep track of how many episodes I have in relation to other actors. That’s not my job. My job is to take my lines, go to work, and do the best I can with it. I just hope that there is some change for the stories that are being told for the black counterparts on the show. What I can say with certainty is that I have always believed that we need more than three.

Archey can say that the nuptials will be unique to Salem. He teased:

“There is something that is coming up in the wedding that I don’t think has been done on any daytime TV show before. It’s something we wanted to do being a black couple in daytime. And we didn’t even know then we were going to be the first black couple getting married on-screen in Salem. But being black and wanting to be true to and represent our heritage we are glad we could do it. So, look out for that. We plan to keep doing what we think is right and like I said, being that couple the black audience can relate to as well as the entire Days audience and all of our fans. We appreciate all of them.