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Days of Our Lives' Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks Prepping for Virtual Emmys

Susan Seaforth Hayes

Days of Our Lives' Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) discussed her banner year and the upcoming virtual Daytime Emmy ceremony with TV Insider. For one, she praised head writer Ron Carlivati for reinvigorating Julie's love story with Doug (Bill Hayes).

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She shared:

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He has really re-awakened our characters. He also brought back Doug’s Place, which was wonderful.

And for the 47th Daytime Emmy Awards, the nominees have prepped for possible wins. Here's how, Seaforth Hayes said:

Yes. We’ve already recorded an acceptance speech on Zoom. Everyone has [to my knowledge]. I’m wearing something in my living room that I like. It shows from the mid-chest up and I’m wearing some of my favorite antique jewelry. I hope it gets on the air. I rehearsed the speech. My husband liked it. We did three takes. The thing is you have to try to give yourself up to that high as they’re opening the envelope and then try to capture that moment while you’re in your pajama bottoms. 

Regarding her Lifetime Achievement Daytime Emmy, she added:

We were allowed to have them as props. They’re on the piano, where they always are, in the background out of focus. I think it would be really sweet if the show were to win again for Best Drama.