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Perkie's Observations: Jason Delivers Devastating News to Sam on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

This episode originally aired in 2004. Sam's baby died after she was induced to give baby Kristina her stem cells . . . 

Alexis sits vigil with Kristina waiting for surgery to begin. Meanwhile, Jason sits vigil with Sam. Liz reaches out to Jason and tells him to be there for Sam when she wakes up. Courtney reaches out to Jason as well.

Ric hands Sonny a restraining order to stay away from Alexis and Kristina. Sonny tears it up because Kristina is HIS daughter.

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Nikolas has a creepy doppelgänger named Connor, who's getting flirty with Emily.

Carly is on the outs with Sonny because she knew the truth about Kristina's paternity. Lois (not played by Rena Sofer, but Lesli Kay) tells Lorenzo that Carly is available.

Corbin Bernsen is playing Carly's dad. He bought her a house so she can get out from under Sonny. Dylan Cash is playing Michael on this episode and is a major little snot who deserved a smack.

Jason tells Sam that her baby died.