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The Young and the Restless' Brytni Sarpy Dishes Real-Life Romance, Elena's Next Steps

Brytni Sarpy

The Young and the Restless star Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) found love on set: with Bryton James, who portrays Devon Hamilton, Elena's love interest! Sarpy opened up to CBS Watch magazine about moving in with James and her character's next steps.

Sarpy reflected:

We actually just bought a condo together and moved in about a month before quarantine, so thankfully, we weren't in the middle of moving or anything. Now, we have the opportunity to really get used to the walls around us. [Laughs]

If there was ever a test, I guess we go hard. 'We're going to move in together and spend 24-hours a day together!'

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Discussing Elena's past and present, she added:

The great thing about soap characters is that because they're continuous and because we shoot daily, they're more reflective of who we actually are. So Elena's super reflective of who I am, right now. She's a fierce woman and she's passionate. She's caring, she's strong, and she's in love. She's incredibly protective of everyone in her life.

She also is a doctor. She started a new health clinic. I can't even imagine what poor Elena's going through during all of this. She'd be in the trenches during this pandemic. I wonder if they'll write it in.

She'd also love to see Y&R tackle on the Black Lives Matter movement, noting:

I would be honored beyond measure to tackle a story as poignant and important as dissecting and understanding the Black Lives Matters movement, and reflecting on and working to resolve the racial injustices my Brothers and Sisters have suffered through in our country. A storyline like this could help reach viewers who do not relate or understand the plight of the Black Man and Black Woman in America.

Tackling this issue on a show as loved as Y&R would allow those viewers a chance to open themselves up enough to gain perspective and empathy from a show and a character they have learned to trust and love. It can also help heal a lot of pain from those who have suffered and are suffering, to see situations they are overcoming, being both discussed and highlighted. This is what art is meant to do, give us a chance to process our emotions, heal us, it is our therapy.