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WATCH: Race Car Driver Bubba Wallace Discusses "Systemic Racism" on The View

Joy Behar, The View

Bubba Wallace, Joy Behar

Recently, a crew member working with NASCAR's sole full-time, high-ranked Black driver, Bubba Wallace, discovered and reported what appeared to be a noose in the garage. On Tuesday, Wallace spoke out on The View

Though the FBI deemed the item a noose not directed at Wallace, per ABC News, Wallace told Don Lemon recently that "whether tied in 2019 or whatever, it was a noose. So, it wasn't directed at me but somebody tied a noose. That's what I'm saying." 

At a recent race, many fellow drivers came out in support of Wallace. But systemic change is needed, Wallace explained:

Systemic racism is a problem from every aspect of life. We have to work so hard to get that to change and we know it's not going to change overnight. This isn't going to stop me from changing. This isn't going to be something that just boils over, blows over and just sweep it under the rug and forget about. It's a part of me.

Wallace, whose car has proudly sported a Black Lives Matter paint scheme in the past, delved into his own activist role going forward:

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I'm the only Black driver in NASCAR, it's easier for me to talk about these matters because I go through some racism throughout my life. I don't have it as hard as other people, but I still go through it so I can be a witness and be a part of it and speak on the matters and educate others.

That's the biggest thing is that we as a sport put our messaging out there is educating people, listening and learning, helping people understand what other people are going through. We are very often too quick to listen and don't give enough time to hear each other out. Throughout all of this it will solidify where I stand and stand proud.

He also reflected on how the entire traumatic incident made him feel:

Obviously I was hurt, I was sad that people would go to those measures. I wouldn't say I'm shocked because we see the stuff that goes on in the world. But it's just unfortunate that it happened to me and my crew was able to see it and witness that and it kind of took our mind off racing for a little bit. I guess it was kind of OK that we were put on a rain delay to go on and let us refocus for Monday.

Watch the interview below.