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Lisa Rinna Calls Out QVC for Trying to Silence Her Political Stance

Lisa Rinna 02

Lisa Rinna is putting QVC's feet to the fire and is accusing them of trying to stifle her political views. The New York Post is reporting QVC - where Rinna's had a clothing line since 2012 - wants her to keep quiet about her political stances, all due to those who don't lean the way she does. 

On Rinna's Instagram story, she posted to her followers how "Karens" have been writing to QVC pleading for her to be fired. Rinna posted, 

Lisa Rinna, Instagram
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The former Days of Our Lives and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star let her fans know she wasn't keeping quiet at all. Later Rinna posted on her story,

Lisa Rinna, Instagram

Rinna then posted on her social media account,

So far QVC has kept mum on the situation.