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Perkie's Observations: Manny Comes A'Callin' For Jason on General Hospital

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Manny Ruiz, General Hospital

Robert LaSardo

Today's episode originally aired in 2005. (My DVR didn't have a description for this episode, so I was quite confused trying to figure things out based on memories from 16 years ago.)

Brook Lynn finds drugs on Diego and thinks he's the PCU stalker. He denies it, but when she's not looking, Diego slips something in Brook's drink. He wants to make her pay for her mistreatment of poor Sage.

Maxie's dating a cop (she has a type!) whose name I can't remember. Mac's less than thrilled with the boy's performance in the stalker investigation.

Nikolas and Emily discuss their divorce, while helping to plan Liz and Lucky's surprise wedding.

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Courtney and Jax discuss the baby they lost and their impending divorce. Later, Jax pays Alexis a visit, looking for his divorce papers. Alexis is pregnant with Molly. Nikolas shows up with the wrong papers. Alexis tries to convince the men to save their marriages.

Emily confronts Courtney about being pregnant with Nikolas' baby. Courtney says it could be Jax's baby, because she's a . . . well . . . I won't finish that thought!

Jason and Sam are somewhere on a beach, and since I didn't care about this the first time around, I fast forward all their scenes. Manny Ruiz shows up to beat up on Jason.

Jax heads back to Alexis to ask her to hold off on the divorce.

ROBIN!!!! I remember the first time being so excited to see MY Robin.