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The Young and the Restless' Peter Bergman Talks Jack's Classic "Deal with the Devil"

Peter Bergman

The Young and the Restless actor Peter Bergman (Jack) is set to take center stage on June 25. Today, his Emmy-winning episode, in which he is in despair over his inability to help his love, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), with her battle with alcoholism, will be broadcast. On the eve of the 47th Annual Daytime Emmys, Bergman chatted with TV Insider about this classic storyline.

He reflected:

I’m asked regularly what are my favorite storylines are and this one always ranks among them. Jack had made a deal with the devil – agreeing to trade Nikki for Jabot. In the process, he falls completely in love with Nikki. Her alcoholism makes it clear that Jack’s not the right person to be with her. He’s an enabler. She’s not getting better. The growing frustration is pretty profound to the point where [there’s been] another sloppy night, pouring her into bed and things getting ugly. This is a place that Jack never expected in his life to be.

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So, Jack goes to his father [John, played by Jerry Douglas] and talks to him about it. I remember those scenes just falling out of my mouth. It was so natural. Jack, who leaps head strong into everything in life was asking what’s wrong with himself? That was a unique experience.

What would Bergman like to see air next, in terms of classic Y&R episodes? He shared:

I’d love to see an entire week of consecutive episodes of Y&R. One of things that have been a part of these reruns are characters like Mamie (Veronica Redd) and Col. Douglas Austin (the late Michael Evans). It’s great seeing characters who are there to bring richness to story. On paper, Col. Austin may seem like a comical character, but what he did was make Victor a very human fellow. That was much needed and it was ably done by Michael [Evans]. 

Jack’s traipsing all over Genoa City beheading this one, embarrassing that one, and manipulating someone else, doing horrible things. He comes home and Mamie wants to answers. Jack has to come up with some as to why he’s behaved the way he has to someone who has real authority in her life. Mamie could see right through him. She was gentle in her touch. She was smart and subtle.