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LISTEN: Here's How "Dedicated Fans" Have Kept The Young and the Restless on Air


Business news outlet Marketplace highlighted The Young and the Restless' decades of success in a recent audio and written story. In a changing world, how has the soap managed to stay on air for so long? Dedicated fans.

Longtime viewer Lizbeth Dagleish shared that she caught the premiere and hasn't stopped watching the escapist drama since. She said:

I figured I could grab a half-hour. You know, it was difficult. But I’ve never missed a show yet.

And advertisers covet the built-in audience. CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl disclosed:

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It’s a very easy sale for advertisers. It’s an engaged audience, it’s a loyal audience and most also do watch live. Which gives kind of a temporal quality that advertisers are looking for.

Dalgleish appreciates the show's permanence in her life, noting:

I mean, when your whole world is suddenly thrown into upheaval, you look for things that haven’t changed in your life. And they’re kind of like your life raft.

Listen to the segment below.