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Perkie's Observations: Brenda Bids Adieu to Her Mobster Man on General Hospital

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Brenda Barret, General Hospital

Vanessa Marcil

This episode originally aired in 2011 . . .

Sam believes Jason will propose tonight and checks in with Alexis on what she should do. Alexis gives her blessing.

Maxie helps Jason prepare for the proposal, but then loses the ring. She believes he should get another one, but Jason's determined to propose without it.

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Jax talks to tween Morgan about breaking up with Carly. Baby Josslyn's eating a stuffed whale as Jax says goodbye to her as well.

Carly snarks at Brenda when she comes to say goodbye to Sonny. Sonny and Brenda are breaking up because power is more important to Sonny than love. Carly believes Brenda is a hypocrite and I wonder why lightning doesn't strike her down.

Robin talks to Brenda as she packs to leave. Brenda gives Robin a letter for Sonny.

Jax stops by to say goodbye to Brenda. When he finds out that she's leaving as well, he offers her and Alec a ride in his jet. Sonny is not amused when he finds out they left together.

Sam joins Jason on the rooftop. (Can't stand these two, but I have to admit that they both cleaned up nicely here.) Jason proposes and Sam accepts. He gives her a lug nut in place of the ring. There's a meaning in that, somehow.