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WATCH: Tamron Hall and John Legend Talk About Finding Family Joy in a Time of Tragedy

Tamron Hall, John Legend, Tamron Hall Show

Tamron Hall, John Legend

Journalist and talk show host Tamron Hall sat down to discuss finding moments of joy with EGOT winner John Legend. The singer shared his mission of creating happiness with new album Bigger Love amidst national tragedy.

Legend reflected:

I didn't know, you know, what the world would be like when we released this music. I was writing it, I was in a mood, I was inspired by love, I was inspired by the hope and joy that I feel. And I still feel some of that, but of course we've had a lot of tragedy recently with the pandemic, with these police killings and the protests.

We've had a lot of images of us mourning and of us in outrage, but we also are fully human and we experience joy and love and human connection and this album is a celebration of that. And hopefully it'll help people get through these tough times.

People's reigning Sexiest Man Alive and wife Chrissy Teigen are keeping kids Luna and Miles occupied with musical instruments during lockdown. Legend noted:

Music was such a big part of our upbringing as kids, so I wanted that same experience to be there for our kids as well. So we have little dance parties, I play songs for them on piano. They try to play with me too, although they're not quite good at it yet. 

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We have a little baby drum kit. So music is a big part of our lives, and of course, now that we're spending even more time together, we've been doing a lot more dance parties and listening to a lot more music.

Legend is in awe of Teigen's creative efforts with the whole family, saying:

Well I think the coolest thing about what I've seen from her during this time is her creativity with our kids. My dad was actually that partner in my parents' relationship, he was always so creative, coming up with fun games and treasure hunts and all of these other things for the kids. 

And Chrissy's that in our relationship... She just has kind of a childlike wonder about her and an imagination that makes her a really good mom. She said if things were different in her life, she probably would have been a preschool teacher, and you can see why she would have been able to do that.

Watch the complete interview below.