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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Spills Some Acid Tea on General Hospital

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Kristina Davis, General Hospital

Lexi Ainsworth

This episode originally aired in 2010, a couple of months after yesterday's episode. Michael has been sent to jail for killing Claudia. Everyone and their mob molls are blaming Dante. Jason has had himself sent to prison to protect Michael.

Kristina is recovering from Kiefer's abuse. 

Spinelli and Carly want to set Dante up to look like a crooked cop. Carly has convinced Brook Lynn to seduce Dante so Lulu can see what a terrible person he is. 

Dante wants to see Michael, but Jason's not allowing it.

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Sonny's willing to go to therapy with Kristina. Sonny tells Alexis he's not abusive to women and somehow lightning doesn't strike him dead. In therapy, Kristina accuses Sonny of abusing Claudia. This does not sit well with the misogynistic one. 

Luke and Tracy are locked up in prison somewhere and I have no memory of why. Lucky worries, though Ethan tries to reassure him. 

Olivia and Brook Lynn are cooking a meal for Dante, and Lulu feels badly for her lack of skills. 

Liz talks to Steve and Lisa about investing in some new drug protocol. 

Carter pays Michael a visit in his cell.

Sonny stops by Carly's to ask her if he ever abused her.