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The Young and the Restless Showrunner Anthony Morina Discusses Emmy-Winning Episode Submission

Anthony Morina

The Young and the Restless executive producer Anthony "Tony" Morina is giving some insight on the show's pick for their submission for Outstanding Drama Series for this year's 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The number-one daytime drama chose the funeral of Neil Winters (the late Kristoff St. John) to showcase the talent of the cast and crew to the voters. 

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV, Morina explains why Neil's going home service was the correct pick.

Michael Fairman: At what point did you decide, “We are going with this to submit for the Emmy!” 

TONY: I actually knew that day. I think, I actually said to Josh Griffith (head writer and Co-EP Y&R), “This is going to be our Emmy show … or one of our Emmy shows.” The other show when everybody finds out Neil died was an incredibly powerful show to me too, but I knew that day when we shot the funeral that you rarely see that kind of rawness. When you get into this business, and you want to become an actor, it’s tough, but you know that in the end what you want is to get into a position where you can share who you are as a person in an artistic way. I think the Neil memorial gave people a way to say, “This is why I do this because I get to really share myself, and I get to express how passionate I am and how much I care about other people.”

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What would St. John think about the Neil-centric episode? 

What do you think Kristoff would say? I think he would be very proud that you gave Neil a real proper sendoff. 

TONY: Absolutely. I also think Kristoff, would have thought that Neil deserved it, and would have loved it, a, it’s an interesting question because you have got to say to yourself, “Does Kristoff feel he deserves it?” As a character, he’d definitely feel he deserved it. He was a part of that community. He was a part of Genoa City. Those were his friends and his family. Would Kristoff feel he deserves that? I don’t know if he would have felt he deserved it, but I know he would have loved knowing how much people cared for him. I think that would have meant the world to him. I really do.