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WATCH: Tamron Hall and Scott Turner Schofield Talk About Making Emmy History

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall Show

Tamron Hall, Scott Turner Schofield

Studio City's Scott Turner Schofield stopped by Tamron Hall to discuss making history in the television world. Schofield is the first transgender man who has ever been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. He was nominated for his role on the digital soap. When asked by Hall how he felt to be in the history books, Schofield stated,

It feels kind of indescribable in a way honestly. It’s such an honor for me personally, but I’m always mindful of the fact that I represent a community...I’m just hoping that this spotlight really casts a bright light on my community.

Later, the two discussed Schofield making the commitment to helping the Black transgender community. What exactly is Schofield doing? The actor stated,

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I’m very much an all for one, one for all kind of person. We’re all interconnected and that’s just how we have to do life. Black transgender women face a magnified discrimination, right? First, there’s racism, then there’s sexism because they’re women, then there’s transphobia, and usually on top of that, there’s poverty because of the discrimination of all of those parts of who they are. And at a societal level to prioritize safety for black trans women and other trans people of color, we have to address big issues like poverty, homelessness, institutional violence by the police and the prison system. What can I do? Well, I know that as a white person, I have had an ease of moving through life for all of my life that simply gives me more energy in life. And as a trans person, I know how to explain this stuff to people...So if I can use my privilege as a way of making it easier for the rest of my community, I’m here for that. It’s my commitment.

Watch the video below: