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General Hospital's Michael Easton Speculates on Whether Finn Could Cure COVID-19

Michael Easton

Michael Easton

In exchange for fans donating to healthcare workers in New York City,  General Hospital's Michael Easton (Dr. Hamilton Finn) answered burning questions on his Facebook fan page. He shared his thoughts on Finn as a character and whether or not the good doc could find a vaccine for COVID-19.

Pondering the toughest parts of playing Finn, Easton quipped:

Keeping the stethoscope around my neck. Constantly getting upstaged by a lizard. 

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What about bringing coronavirus to Port Charles? Should the show portray the harsh realities of COVID-19 on screen...and could Finn help with the medical efforts? Easton said:

I’m all for escapism but having Finn and the rest of the staff involved in the pandemic on some level would be a wonderful way to bring some much-deserved attention to our frontline health workers who I am in awe of and consider to be true heroes. I would imagine there’s tragic, courageous, uplifting stories happening daily in every hospital in America and I think, on some level, our fictional 'General Hospital' might do well to explore that.