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Perkie's Observations: Sabrina Is Key to Michael Handing Over Avery on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Teresa Castillo

This episode originally aired in 2015 . . . 

Ric's secretly dating Madeline in order to get to Nina's money. Nina's married to Ric. She's both unaware of this little fact and paranoid about her mother.

Luke and Laura search for Lucky, who's been grabbed. They come across Holly. Holly says someone has taken Ethan.

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Lulu and Dillon are in on the search. Dante believes they're having an affair and sniffs around Valerie.

Sabrina stupidly convinces Michael to stupidly return Avery to his stupid parents. Stupid Carly is grateful. Stupid Sonny swears he'll protect Avery. (The only good thing about these scenes is the baby who plays Avery is still the same little girl 5 years later. And Maurice Benard is very good with her.)

Ava's pretending to be Denise and hanging out with Franco. Morgan tries to warn her away from Franco. Franco's trying to make Nina jealous. Ava's desperately trying to get time with Avery.