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The Young and the Restless' Brytni Sarpy Dishes on Possible Medical and Foster Storylines

Brytni Sarpy

The Young and the Restless star Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) is as curious as fans about what the future holds for her doctor character. Perhaps more medical storylines? She shared with Soap Opera Digest.

Of Elena working at the free clinic, Sarpy speculated:

I always wanted Elena to have scenes at the hospital, and the free clinic is even better because she has an emotional investment there. Elena has a habit of getting deeply invested in other people’s problems, so it would be interesting to see her learn a lesson from being too involved with certain patients she feels badly for.

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She sees some potential going down that route, echoing the history of Elena's boyfriend, Devon (Bryton James). Sarpy suggested:

With Jared now working under Elena and Nate [Sean Dominic] at the clinic, I would love Elena to be more of a mentor or mother figure for Jared, a relationship that could possibly blossom into a foster/ adoption scenario. I think this could make for a good reminder and repeat of some of the issues Devon faced when he was first adopted by Neil [Kristoff St. John] and Dru [Victoria Rowell] as a teenager. Having Devon and Elena deal with parenting issues would also give them a place to grow and learn about each other better, and prepare them for having a baby. Themes of parenting with Jared could also allow Elena to address some of her own issues with her parents, and her father not being around. We also loved working with Michael Maclane [Jared].