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WATCH: Tamron Hall Responds to Claims of Show Shake-Up

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall recently addressed reports that her talk show fired 18 employees unceremoniously. In fact, she shared, she did her best to keep staffers on through the end of the season.

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Hall said:

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That story that I did not pay 20 people and fired them and left them hanging is a lie. We didn't fire 20 people. In fact, our season was supposed to wrap June 5, I fought to have the extension of the season to June 25. My creative team was paid through the pandemic and through the extension because I wanted to keep pushing and keep putting out stories that matter to you.

Hall admitted that the team did make some behind-the-scenes changes - but after the season wrapped. She added:

Like any other show, like any other product, people make changes and we did -- after the season had wrapped. Not during, not while. So this notion that I ran off securing bags, it's not true. It is absolutely not and the notion that I've abandoned people, it's not.

She shared a letter she sent to her staff in April:

Watch the full explanation below.