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WATCH: The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacob Young and Karla Mosley Reunite in Instagram Chat

Jacob Young, Karla Mosley

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacob Young (Rick) and Karla Mosley (Maya) reunited recently, chatting for an hour on Young's Instagram account. During the "Raya" reunion, the pair discussed the impactful love story between Rick and Maya, a transgender woman, and its global effect.

Mosley shared:

I remember when we started, when we got the news of the storyline and when I started researching and we started talking about what it would mean and how we wanted to appreciate it and really just do it justice. And I was thinking so much about the [United] States because I had been very evolved in [the fight for] marriage equality.

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She added that she soon came to realize the massive global effect the "Raya" romance could have. Mosley added:

But when we traveled abroad, it really hit me. We went to France and Switzerland and Poland and Finland and all of these places--and South Africa. And just realizing--wow, Dubai, the show airs in Dubai--how many countries that are really receiving this story of love, ultimately, and also being introduced to a love that we don’t usually see.

Watch the whole chat below.