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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Wants to Swan Dive Off the Roof on General Hospital

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Morgan Corinthos. General Hospital

Bryan Craig

This episode originally aired in 2016 . . .

Kiki gets shot during a botched gun drop when Morgan messes up by intervening. Griffin reassures Ava that Kiki will pull through. 

Paul throws his weight around and Jordan's having none of it. She believes Ava is involved and wants her arrested.

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Andre explains to Carly and Sonny that Morgan needs help. Morgan's spiraling downward and heads to the hospital roof. While there, he talks to Conscience Kiki.

Michael shows up to the roof, as does Andre. Andre tries to talk Morgan down. Michael runs off to get Sonny.

Nathan's in the hospital. Maxie proposes to him, but he turns her down. Nathan believes she's only asking because he was shot. Later, in his drugged up state, Nathan calls Maxie, "Claudette."

Ava blames Paul for pushing the guns through her gallery. Paul says he'll protect her.

Paul goes back to Jordan and tells her that Ava was working undercover with him and is protected.