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Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful Producer Colleen Bell Discusses COVID and California Film Commission

Colleen Bell

Former The Bold and the Beautiful producer Colleen Bell has gone on to big things since leaving the soap. The wife of B&B head honcho Brad Bell, she served as the U.S. ambassador to Hungary before being appointed the executive director of the California Film Commissioner last year. 

Bell recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss resuming filming in the Golden State in the midst of COVID-19. As fans know, B&B was the first American broadcast series to resume production...which is just a coincidence, Bell told THR. She noted:

It's a complete coincidence. With soap operas, they're pretty nimble, and he is someone who has been producing and writing 250 episodes of TV every year with his extremely talented team for more than 30 years. So he really believed that they could be quick out of the gate and get rolling. But it's funny, as the California film commissioner, I would say I have up-to-the-minute — or to-the-second — information on when production would be allowed to resume in the state of California, and yet I could hear him on the phone in the other room, and he's like, 'I think we'll be back to work next week.' And I just have to go in there and say, 'Brad, that's not happening! It's not happening. Feel free to knock on my office door and I'll let you know when it might be happening.' (Laughs.)

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Bell has tons of productions to worry about as COVID-19 diagnoses rise in California. She shared that challenges to resuming production will be ongoing, and she's preparing to meet them. She added:

Testing continues to come up in the conversations, whether it's access to testing or testing that presents inconclusive results. So as tests are developed and become more accurate, testing protocols may change and they may be able to speed up that process. The reality is the new protocols may slow down production, but they are necessary to keep people safe.

Bell recently announced 12 movies are set to begin filming in California soon.