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The Bold and the Beautiful's Aaron D. Spears Talks Music for New Film, White People Money

Aaron D. Spears

The Bold and the Beautiful star Aaron D. Spears (Justin) is starring in the 2020 movie White People Money. The film is a comedy about a couple that wins a million dollars but must keep the news hush-hush.

But he's bringing more than just his acting talents to the big screen this time. Spears told Soaps In Depth:

Every time I do a movie or something outside the soap, I ask, ‘Can I submit something for the title track?’

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He composed "Paper Chase" for White People Money, and the tune will play during the flick's credits. Spears wisely noted:

As an artist, it’s a way to get your music out there and also have some residual income.

Spears has long been involved in music. His CBS bio shared that he wrote the music and lyrics - and executive produced! - for the indie film The Mannsfield 12. Spears released an album called Inception back in 2010.