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WATCH: Denise Richards Shares Her Experience Resuming Filming The Bold and the Beautiful

Denise Richards

The Bold and the Beautiful's Denise Richards (Shauna Fulton) is opening up about the unique quirks of filming the soap with COVID-19 safety measures in place. That, of course, means doing some scenes with hubby Aaron Phypers instead of her on-screen love interest, plus taping dialogue with mannequins.

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B&B is taking strict precautions, she told the Associated Press:

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Every week, we are tested. And when I showed up to the studio, I had my temperature taken. And we have to wear a mask throughout the studio, hair and makeup as much as possible. And it was challenging, because the times when our characters would get a little closer with each other, a mannequin would be there. And then the actor-- I stepped off and read the lines for the other actor talking to the mannequin, because with the eyeline and everything, it was in a close up. So it's taking a little bit longer. Is it working?

And the love scenes are...interesting! She dished:

So of course on soap operas, there's a lot of love scenes. So we were asked if our significant other would step in. I said, OK, they asked if you would be able to step in and be the stand in. Otherwise, I have to have my love scene with a mannequin, which is fine. But I'd much rather my husband. But I think it's fun for the whole set for everyone's to come together and be supportive and want to get the show made and done and have fun with it. 

Get the rest of the details from the interview below.