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The Bold and the Beautiful's Lawrence Saint-Victor Dives Deep into His Hunky Alter Ego

Lawrence Saint-Victor

It's long been a mystery to The Bold and the Beautiful fans as to why the devastatingly handsome Lawrence Saint-Victor, who plays lawyer Carter Walton, hasn't been in a front-burner romance. Still, the actor has developed a deep backstory for his character, sharing his thoughts on his own legal skills and Carter's innermost self with Soaps Opera Digest.

Asked whether he thinks he'd made a good lawyer, Saint-Victor responded:

I think so. As an actor, you get behind a story and try to convey it to the best of your ability. As a lawyer, that’s what you’re doing for your client. Every character deserves to have their truth heard and then as an audience, you decide. You judge. You’re the jury. I don’t get to judge the character that I play. It’s my job to authentically tell the story, and as a lawyer, it’s the same thing. Whether your client is innocent or guilty, that’s not your business. They still deserve a fair trial either way. But that’s more criminal law. As far as corporate law goes? No. I definitely don’t belong there [laughs].

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The by-the-book Carter has faced some dilemmas in his time at Forrester Creations. Saint-Victor said of his character's greatest strength:

His integrity, but that can be an obstacle, as well. If we go back to Katie [Heather Tom] and Bill [Don Diamont]’s custody hearing, Justin [Aaron D. Spears] didn’t mind going a little dirty. He was still relatively ethical, but he didn’t mind taking a jab at Katie when he could — not to say that Carter would never do that, but it’s not his go-to.

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