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WATCH: The Real's Amanda Seales Addresses White Execs: "You’re Not the Best at Everything"

Just a few months after joining The RealAmanda Seales departed the chatfest. The comedian recently opened up to Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee, also well-known for his role in the Love and Hip-Hop franchise, about her reasons for leaving.

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In the interview, transcribed by Madame Noire's Veronica Wells, Seales emphasized her good relationships with her former co-hosts. Seales then explained her issues with leadership at the show:

And again, for the most part, people have the best of intentions. But I think that what we really realize is what is going on in this nation is White people waking up to understanding the limitations of their abilities. And understanding no, you don’t know everything. You’re not the best at everything. There is a lot that you have not been privy to simply by just ignoring it. And once you have that awareness, you have to fill in those spaces with people who have been privy to that. I was on a show that on its core base, this is a group of diverse women that are talking about things and keeping it real for a diverse audience. When in reality, it’s being run by a White woman who doesn’t have that connection to that experience. Our topics are being picked by someone who doesn’t. Our chat is produced by a White man—who even if he has the best of intentions, he has a disconnect from his experience in the world from what we’re going to be addressing. And then we have executives all the way up who are all White women. They have the best of intentions for their company and for their network but not necessarily for the culture. How could they? They’re not connected to this.

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She continued:

Which is why having Black folks and people of all colors in these executive positions is so necessary. And oftentimes in these executive positions, where they’ve only made room for one VP. They’ve only made room for one executive producer. Sometimes you’re going to need to vary that so there’s not one person in power making those decisions who doesn’t have enough understanding of the limitations of their vantage point.

So there’s that and then there’s the audience. The audience got accustomed to a whole specific type of content and that’s out of my control. When I say leadership, it’s because—if you’re going to upset the apple cart, you got to brace it. So that comes in a number of different ways. You’re going to have to support the people who are already there, the people coming in and the audience who is expecting something.

Watch the complete discussion below.