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Judi Evans Spills Details on Her Return to Days of Our Lives

Judi Evans, Days of Our LIves

Judi Evans opened up to Soap Hub about heading back to Salem as Bonnie Lockhart. She was overjoyed to receive the call from her longtime soap home.

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Evans dished:

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I was so happy. It was devastating when Adrienne died. I cannot tell a lie. I had come back to shoot some flashbacks. But it had been about six months – the longest six months [since I worked on DAYS].

Of course, I had played Bonnie before, but you never know if the budget or the story will allow for your return. I’d missed my DAYS family so much. No matter what else I do in my life, I’m an actress. I love acting and I love soaps. In my opinion, there’s not much that’s more fun.

What's it like reuniting with longtime screen partner Wally Kurth (Justin)? She exclaimed:

It was just joyous to be in a scene together. Even though I played Bonnie before with him, it was a different version of what was happening. You’ll see the way the story plays out. She can’t really be her authentic self, yet.

I’ve been so grateful to DAYS throughout the years, but certainly throughout the last year. The challenges that they have given me blow my mind. And every time I shake in my boots. I hope I can rise to the occasion. They always keep me on my toes for sure.