Perkie's Observations: Michael Faces the Judge's Wrath at Sentencing on General Hospital

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Chad Duell

Chad Duell

This episode originally aired a few months after yesterday's episode.

Everyone waits for the judge's sentence. Claire still believes Michael will get a suspended sentence. Lulu defends Dante's actions to Maxie.

Morgan, Molly, and Kristina believe Michael will be released and head to the courthouse.

Carly gets into it with Dante again, calling him a snitch.

Johnny testifies in Claudia's memory, putting all the blame on Sonny, who treated his sister like crap.

In other news, Liz has fantastic hair, while Helena and Lucky are in town.

The judge sentences Michael to five years for involuntary manslaughter, shocking everyone in town. Dante pleads Michael's case, as does Sonny, but the judge is not having it.

Michael is taken away. Kudos to Laura Wright, who was fantastically crying here.