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Summer Escape is the Theme on The Bold and the Beautiful Next Week

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It is all about summer escape on The Bold and the Beautiful next week. The most-watched soap opera in the world will be showing some classic summertime episodes for the week of July 13. See if your favorites made the list.

July 13: Liam (Scott Clifton) is shocked to discover Hope (Kim Matula) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) are staying at the same resort as he and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) for their belated honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and his wife knew all about it. Later, Thomas takes off with Hope on an ATV after he sees Liam. Liam follows after the couple with Steffy close behind as well. Back in SoCal, Amber (Adrienne Frantz) breaks up a close moment between Marcus (Texas Battle) and Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) and assures the two Hope would never go after a married man. Meanwhile, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is thrilled when Ridge (Ronn Moss) informs her Hope declined down Thomas' marriage proposal. Katie (Heather Tom) angrily demands that Bill (Don Diamont) tell her the truth when she realizes that he's been running interference and manipulating Liam, Steffy, Hope, and Thomas. (Original airdate: Jan. 3, 2012)

July 14: The day before Liam and Hope's wedding, the bride-to-be spends time with Brooke, Pam (Alley Mills), and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) as the plan the ceremony and luncheon. Steffy "kidnaps" Liam and the two spend the day having fun on Venice Beach. Later, she professes her love to him and questions why he is marrying Hope when all she has done is disappoint him. Liam gently lets Steffy down. Over at the Forrester Mansion, Hope thanks Stephanie for helping and becomes concerned about her cough and not being able to catch her breath. Hope cancels on meeting up with Liam without telling him what's going on. Liam meets up with Steffy at a club and tells him about Hope standing him up, as the two dance the night away. (Original airdate: Aug. 12, 2012)  

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July 15:  Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) gets jealous seeing Maya (Karla Mosley) and Rick (Jacob Young) in one another's arms, watching fireworks at The Bikini Beach. She plots with her friend Rafael (Andy Zuno) to ensure that Rick sees the sexy scene that Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Maya taped for their new show Room 8. When Oliver (Zack Conroy), Marcus, and Dayzee tell Rafael they want a sneak peek at the series, Rafael plays the sensuous clip while Rick squirms. Caroline happily watches as Rick takes Maya aside, unhappy with what he's just seen. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Hope watch the fireworks together, when Liam rushes in and demands to know who Wyatt is. Things become awkward as Wyatt steps aside but he can still hear Hope and Liam argue about how Liam still puts Steffy first, even though she left him to live in Paris. After Liam leaves, Wyatt tells Hope that he finds her intriguing before leaning in for a kiss. When the kiss breaks, Hope is stunned to see the Spencer sword around Wyatt's neck. (Original airdate: July 5, 2013)

July 16: On the heels of her breakup with Liam, Hope decides to go all-in on her burgeoning relationship with Wyatt. They take off on a road trip in an Airstream, which brings them to a secluded beach. Wyatt creates a romantic oasis for them where they take their new love to the next level. In a quest to get Pam on her good side, Quinn (Rena Sofer) takes her new "BFF" on a "girls' day out" in Beverly Hills, where they lunch, get mani-pedis, and go shopping. Frustrated that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) wants more time apart to become clear about their relationship, Brooke tells an apprehensive Rick that she is going to make the decision for him by presenting him with her previous engagement ring. When Ridge informs Brooke that he is at Katie's house, Brooke takes it upon herself to show up and tell them both that she doesn't want to wait to reunite any longer. (Original airdate: Jan. 24, 2014)

July 17:  It's the day after Liam and Steffy's Australia wedding and everyone is partaking at the reception at Bondi Beach. Brooke and Eric (John McCook) continue sharing their special 30-year connection, discussing their past, present, and their futures. As Brooke takes off to search for Ridge, whom she's scheduled to marry the next day, she runs into Bill, who tells her that although he was wrong about Ridge breaking her heart again, that he will always love her and be there for her. Steffy confronts Sally (Courtney Hope) about crashing her wedding for her own publicity stunt, even though Thomas (Pierson Fodé) invited her. Thomas arrives just in time to witness the two ladies tussle and Sally fall into the ocean! As Brooke continues her quest to find Ridge, she happens upon him and Quinn, who, unbeknownst to Brooke, are ending their affair of the heart and share one last kiss! Steffy and Liam celebrate becoming Mr. and Mrs. Liam Spencer by taking a passionate dip in the sea. James O'Halloran from The Price is Right guest-stars. (Original airdate: March 24, 2017)