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WATCH: The Talk's Sharon Osbourne Tells Kanye West "Give the Money Back" From PPP

Sharone Osbourne, Kanye West

The Talk's Sharon Osbourne is not here for Kanye West getting bailed out by the government. Earlier this week, the federal government released the names of companies that received loans from the Paycheck Protection Program. West's apparel company, Yeezy LLC, was among those listed, receiving between $2-5 million, where the company kept 106 jobs from being lost. This news comes three months after Forbes named West a billionaire with a net worth of just over $1 billion. 

During an episode of The Talk @ Home on Thursday, Osbourne ripped into West for receiving a loan when smaller companies needed it more. Osbourne remarked,

Isn’t he a billionaire? Well he should have used the 1.3 [billion] and put it in his company. I know obviously, you know the airlines had to be bailed out, but for me, it's kind of like small companies, I thought it was like mama and papa type companies that really don't have that much profit in the bank so you know they need help to keep people's jobs and everybody going. And I just think that when you have that sort of cash, it's embarrassing to ask when you have it yourself. You have it, you have more than enough to keep 100 people going, so why ask the government, take from the government? I just don't get that. When you are so wealthy, your family, everybody in your family is so wealthy, why are you doing this? I think he should give the money back.

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Watch Osbourne sounding off and co-host Sheryl Underwood giving her thoughts below.