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General Hospital's Kin Shriner Shares Where He'd Like to See Scotty Go Next

Kin Shriner

General Hospital's Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin) has played a law student, then lawyer, on daytime for nearly 45 years. He shared his legal eagle insights with Soap Opera Digest.

Shriner feels almost like a lawyer himself, saying: 

You know, I fancy myself a lawyer in real life. I almost practiced down in Florida. They don’t really require a lot of certificates down there. I weighed in on different cases. I’d like to hang a shingle out in Fort Lauderdale and put scripted TV lawyer in my opinions. I had a girlfriend once that was in trouble in Fort Lauderdale and I went with her to her lawyer and I said, ‘Listen, if I was working this case….’ I have stepped over the bounds! I watch PERRY MASON four times a day. I watch anything that’s a legal drama. I really enjoy playing a lawyer and presenting a case and doing battles with other actors that play lawyers. And I fight with people like a lawyer: ‘Wait a minute, isn’t it true that….’ I present every argument that I get into as a case! I enjoy it.

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What's next for Scotty the attorney? Shiner suggested:

I would like to be the district attorney again and clean up the streets! I mean, I have played the other side as a private lawyer, and criminal lawyers and mouthpiece lawyers make the money. But I’d love going back to being the district attorney. I thought when they made Tristan [Rogers, Robert] the DA that it was going to be fun that I would get to go up against him again. We had battles back when he was the [police] commissioner and Scotty was marrying Susan Moore [Gail Ramsey] on her deathbed to get ahold of Jason’s trust fund.