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The Young and the Restless' Christian LeBlanc Dishes on Michael's "Problematic" Clients

Christian LeBlanc

The Young and the Restless star Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) has held court in Genoa City's courtrooms for decades. He delved deep into his character's most infamous court cases for Soap Opera Digest.

Filming these scenes requires a ton of dialogue memorization, extreme even for soaps. LeBlanc noted:

Lauralee [Bell, Christine] will say she hates courtroom scenes because of all the dialogue that has to be committed to memory. I like to irritate her by going, ‘This time we’re going to have fun!’ and she just moans. Then she goes up there and does her scene in one take! Gordon Thomson [ex-Patrick] and I once taped our noses up. We would annoy everybody because we were pig lawyers. I said, ‘Gordon, tape your nose up.’ I don’t know where that came from. I’m assuming it was me because Gordon would never be so unprofessional.

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Michael has represented his fair share of villains and heroes, but which group of Genoa City stalwarts have proved particularly troublesome? LeBlanc added:

All the Newmans have been problematic. Michael consistently is asking his clients just to shut up and let him do the talking — but not Victor [Eric Braeden]. He will go his own way and be like, ‘I’m not going to plead guilty,’ even though he did it, or ‘I was framed.’ He just won’t keep his mouth shut. In the court case where Nikki [Melody Thomas Scott], Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and Sharon [Sharon Case] were being tried for J.T.s [Thad Luckinbill] death, Michael was always being caught off-guard because they lied to him over and over again to cover up for Nikki. At a certain point, Michael asked, ‘Who am I to you?’