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The Young and the Restless' Jess Walton Talks Jill "Throwing" Billy "a Lifeline"

Jess Walton

Jess Walton

When we last saw Jess Walton (Jill, The Young and the Restless), her character was playing professional matchmaker for son Billy (Jason Thompson) and Christel Khalil (Lily) at Chancellor Industries. What was Jill thinking? Walton opened up to Soap Opera Digest about Jill's machinations.

Billy has proven himself irresponsible time and again, but Jill remains undeterred. Her maternal instincts just kick in each time, Walton said:

She was throwing him a lifeline, for sure, and she also wanted to stay in close communication with him. She really does believe in him and she’s hoping he’ll just snap out of his craziness if he has the right job with the right power and feels a sense of himself. She always thinks she can fix him and she’ll never give up trying.

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In Jill's mind, Lily will balance out Billy's erratic tendencies. Walton mused:

Jill thinks that if Billy goes off the rails again, it’d be disastrous for Chancellor. She wants Lily to be a safety rail, so Jill had to give them both equal power. Isn’t that interesting? I just came up with that a second ago. Lily is earning her money already.