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WATCH: Jack Osbourne "Surprised" Mom Sharon in the Creation of Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne Documentary

Jack Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne

The Talk's Sharon Osbourne was in for a treat when her youngest child, Jack, joined the panel to discuss his upcoming project, The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne. The documentary, executive produced by Mrs. O's baby boy, centers on the Osbourne patriarch's life, from his childhood racked with poverty, spending time in prison to becoming the lead in the legendary band Black Sabbath and his successful solo career and foray into reality television. 

What can viewers expect when they tune in? According to the younger Osbourne, 

When you make a doc like this, it's a totally collaborative effort, and you know I'd done a documentary on my dad about 10 years ago. The kind of stipulation for us was, we don't want to make the same A&E biography that people have seen, this very kind of plug and play type bio piece. Our director, Greg Johnston who the family has worked with since The Osbournes, he was one of the executive producers of that back in 2001. He knows the family better than anyone. And, you know, he came on board, and we basically said, alright, let's take the gloves off and get really honest. And we gave him every bit of footage we have from my dad's 50 year career...he knocked it out of the park. Mom [Sharon] has been the kind of overwatch of Dad's entire life, and I remember when we did the first screening for it, you really were like, okay, that's good.

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What does mom Sharon think? She quipped,

I was really, really surprised. I didn't think it was going to be that honest and that good.

Leave it to Sharon to keep it 100. Watch the discussion below.