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WATCH: The Politician Star Ben Platt Calls Judith Light "Warmest Jewish Mother"

Ben Platt

Ben Platt

The Politician star Ben Platt stopped by The Talk @ Home last week, where he chatted with the ladies about season 2 of the hit series. Platt had nothing but praise for his co-stars, legendary actress and former One Life to Live star Judith Light, who plays Platt's character Payton Hobart's senate rival Dede Standish, and songstress Bette Midler, who is Dede's Chief of Staff. 

Platt told the ladies about Light,

Her work is always spectacular. She still has such an appreciation and a joy for it every day. She’s just the kindest, warmest Jewish mother I could ask for.

How was it being in scenes with Midler? Platt remarked,

For the first couple of days it was incredibly daunting and scary, but then it was just so fun to get, sort of, get in the mud with her so to speak. She’s just so open and comedically brilliant. It was a dream come true. They were spectacular in the show.

How sweet. Watch the interview below: