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WATCH: Nancy Lee Grahn, Jane Elliot, Kim Zimmer "Vent" with Marcia Clark in COVID Support Group

Together with creative partner Kaore BellGeneral Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) is sharing a hilarious of her COVID-19 journey with several other daytime divas. She just released the second episode of her "COVID Support Group" YouTube comedy series, featuring Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva, Guiding Light) and Jane Elliot (ex-Tracy, GH).

This "therapy" session saw the actresses playing exaggerated versions of themselves and hashing out some issues. Eliot complained of Grahn:

I told something to Nancy in confidence and it ended up in her Twitter.

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Zimmer quipped:

She said that my grandkids sing like feral cats being pulverized in a coffee grinder!

How will Grahn respond? Why does she bring out infamous lawyer Marcia Clark? Check out the full session below to find out.