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WATCH: Wendy Williams Gives Update On Health and Return to Filming

Wendy Williams, The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams

How you doin' Wendy Williams? The self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media" is letting her viewers know exactly just that. Williams gave fans an update on her self-titled talk show's Instagram account on Friday. She posted about her health and when brand new episodes of her talk show will be seen. On May 18, the show announced Williams would be taking a break from the chat fest in order to get treatment for Graves' disease. 

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While Williams is back on the mend, don't expect for her show to get back into production just yet. Williams stated in the post on social media,

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How you doing? Welcome to my apartment. You know it’s a hard time for us, but we’re in this together like they say…I want to shout out to peaceful protesters. Thank you also for giving me love and asking when I’m coming back. Our show is a part of phase four, right now here in New York City we are in phase three I can’t wait to get back!

Williams had a little message for those who are outside in the streets. Williams remarked, 

Most important thing I do believe still…if you just wear your mask, like…put your mask on. When you’re around people that you don’t know and you don’t have room to breathe, put your mask on. What’s matter with you?…Wash your hands in public or wear the gloves and then throw them away before you get in your house. We got to take care of one another and is really kind of easy on the baseline.

Watch the entire video below.