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LISTEN: Hollyoaks Actors Discuss Systemic Racism On and Off Set

When British soap Hollyoaks initially released a podcast in response to the Black Lives Matter protests, star Rachel Adedeji called out the show for an insufficient response to systemic on-set racism. The sudser recently released an episode of its "Don't Filter Feelings" podcast, in which Black cast members discuss racism, per Deadline.

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Three of Hollyoaks' Black stars - Richard Blackwood (Felix), Talia Grant (Brooke), and Trevor A. Toussaint (Walter) - shared their own experiences of dealing with racism, both on and off set. Toussaint noted that there are no people of color in executive positions at Lime, and since joining the soap in 2018, he's worked with only two Black directors and no Black producers. He explained:

Systemic racism exists in all stratas of society, and television is no exception to that. Lime, who I work for, is no exception to this.

Grant added:

It’s amazing that there is a black cast and there’s all of us and there is that diversity, but I can’t help but feel that sometimes in the industry and life in general, they treat Black people like we’re disposable. They can capitalize off us without doing the real work behind the scenes. The revolution will not be changed by diversity training or racism training. It will be changed by people changing their attitude, and the way the structural system works.

Blackwood shared:

We are in the system trying to change it. We can’t go in guns blazing but we are firing shots. 

Lime Pictures has since stated its commitment to promoting Black writers and more diverse talent across the board, Deadline noted. Listen to the full discussion below.