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WATCH: The View's Behar and McCain Have Heated Showdown Over Education

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, The View

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain

The ladies of The View returned from their hiatus and slid right back into fighting form. Literally. On Monday, the panel discussed the controversy surrounding Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos insisting schools reopen in the fall, despite the coronavirus spiking to record numbers across the country. Co-host Meghan McCain backs the idea of schools resuming as a way for working parents to not worry about childcare and kids not falling behind in their education. 

McCain also chided DeVos and staled she needed "major media training" which got a laugh out of Joy Behar, prompting McCain to admonish her and state,

You’re laughing, Joy, but it’s quite serious. I think that everyone from Betsy DeVos on down, Republicans, Democrats — as far as I’m concerned, vote everybody out on both sides from the ground up because I’m so sick of our paying taxpayer dollars to come up with absolute jack five months in for the children of America

Soon afterwards, Behar weighed in on the topic. She explained to McCain her laugh was to agree with her on DeVos, and remarked that "she sucks" (DeVos) over her education comments, which got a laugh from both McCain and moderator Whoopi Goldberg. Behar, a former school teacher, disagreed with DeVos' stance and said,

So according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 1.5 million teachers are at greater risk of serious illness if infected by the coronavirus. One in four teachers. That’s a lot. You know, what really is amusing me today is this idea that the Republican party cares about education. They’ve been spending the last few decades defunding education and they think we’re going to believe this baloney they’re throwing at us now that they care about our children? Give me a break. Donald Trump only cares about getting reelected, full stop. That’s all he cares about.

McCain fired back at Behar's remarks and said,

I don’t think it’s fair to say that Republicans don’t care about children. That’s very aggressive and incendiary. 

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This led the two to get into a shouting match, when Behar explained she meant education and not children. McCain said,

To sit here and say that Republicans don’t care about education or children, it’s just ridiculous.

The exchange got so heated, Goldberg threw to commercial to cool things down. When the show came back from commercial, it didn't end there. During another segment Behar told McCain, 

 I want to make one thing clear. When I speak about Republicans, Meghan, I'm talking about the leadership in Congress, I'm not talking about the run-of-the-mill Republican voter. So do not say that to me again, okay?

McCain retorted,

As the only Republican in mainstream media, when you talk like that, it puts us on the defense because it sounds accusatory. Republicans don't care about X, Republicans don’t care about Y. I vote Republican, I'm voting for these people. So the implication is that I don't care about them. All I want is for us at this show to lead by example and not be part of the problem.

Goldberg once stepped in again and threatened to take them back to break if they didn't act right. Watch the dust up below: