Amelia Heinle Explains How She Almost Didn't Become Victoria Newman

Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle has played Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless for 15 years, but she nearly didn't get the part! Heinle told Soaps In Depth how a bad case of nerves almost got the best of her during her audition. 

Heinle shared:

I was a little overwhelmed when I came in to test for the role. There were about seven other girls who were there auditioning, and I would have to test with a lot of actors. I was the last person to test, and I had all these people coming in and telling me, ‘I really want you to get it. This is how you should play it.’ So I was waiting around, getting nervous, and finally, I was like, ‘Aaah, get me out of here! I can’t do this! I’m sure they’ll find someone in the girls that are auditioning.’

As it turned out, some brain food helped convince her to stay. She added:

I got my stuff together to leave — I was in [the dressing room of] Don Diamont (ex-Brad; now Bill, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) — and I opened the door, and [then casting director] Marnie Saitta was standing there with this big basket filled with chips and cookies. She was like, ‘Snack?’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God, she knew I was going to leave!’ She could tell that I was a flight risk!

Henle continued:

I wasn’t really hungry, but I thought that was a sign that I should stay because I was out the door! It was too much pressure, and I wasn’t interested in sitting there anymore. But I felt I couldn’t take a snack and then leave, so I stayed… and the rest is history!